Databases are important to any organization. These particular systems hold important information pertaining to customers, employees, finances of the company and more. Though these systems have the capacity to hold a host of venerable information, some organizations do not protect

An important aspect that must be taken into account when applying for a Mortgage is the PMI, or the Private Mortgage insurance, which is required by most lenders. Why do I need to acquire private mortgage insurance? Is it beneficial

Crowdfunding India is the largest alternative to health insurance in India. Medical care is expensive and medical crowdfunding has emerged as an effective way to save lives in the country. NGO crowdfunding is another area in which crowdfunding has become

Many controversies and rumors have been going on around the concept of Bitcoin. From the rumor about them being the illegal cryptocurrency to that of them being leaders of the destruction path of the economy. This creates a rumor and

Banks take a positive approach while approving Home Loans. The primary reason is that the default rate in a Home Loan is the lowest when compared to other loans. The average Indian will always ensure that they repay the Home

Phishing and spam mails can cause a lot of trouble for your company. If you have a separate enterprise network protected by a firewall, you have to make sure that you keep out phishing emails. Spam and phishing emails are

On November 8th, 2016, the people of California rejoiced which was indeed a good day for them, because this was the day that Marijuana was finally legalized in the state. Of course, there are certain laws to it that made

Name badges are one of the important parts of any event which makes it easy to communicate with various people associated with the even. It is the best thing that helps in providing introduction where networking is a key part