A Guide to Efficient Document Management
September 24, 2017
Brown Mark (73 articles)

A Guide to Efficient Document Management

Modern business is rapidly changing, and with digitalisation, comes many benefits for the business owner. When you consider the different types of documents that are typically filed away in cabinets, it is easy to understand how things can build up. Client communication, internal documents, invoices and receipts all need to be securely stored and easily accessible, and as time goes by, extra filing cabinets are needed to handle the ever-growing mountain of documentation that every business accumulates over the years, and the more there is, the harder it is to locate a specific document.

Digital Scanning

Once a company has made the decision to switch to digital copies, the best thing to do is to call in the experts, and if you happen to live in the UK, check out www.misl.co.uk, a leading provider in document management who can streamline your system and make things much easier. They can supply trained staff to deal with any amount of document scanning, and once this has been completed, you can either have the paper copies safely stored or securely destroyed, whichever you prefer.

Cloud Based Storage

The ideal system is to store all your documentation on an external server, and with the right security in place, only authorised staff can access through a secure web based portal. All entries are instantly updated, and this allows staff in any location instant access using a mobile device, and they do not need complex software to access the data, which makes things a whole lot easier.

Secure Back Up Solutions

Of course, once the data has been digitalised, the technicians would set up an automatic back-up system, whereby all data is automatically copied to one or two separate servers, ensuring that your data is safe, even if a hard drive crashed. Typically, the specialist company would spend some time getting to know the client’s business, and once armed with the right information, they can make suggestions on the best way to store and protect critical documentation.

Say Goodbye to Paper

The digital revolution is rapidly taking over, and the days of storing information on paper are numbered. Of course, while we still use documents, they need to be scanned and stored digitally as they arrive, and with some simple staff training, this can easily be carried out by your office staff.

Secure Document Destruction

Most of the companies that embrace digital document storage end up with reams and reams of documents that have already been digitalised, and with several back-up systems in place, the paper documents are no longer needed. Of course, they can be stored, or, as most businesses prefer, they can be securely destroyed by shredding. There are a number of options and it really depends on the client’s preferences, and by talking to the experts, you can discover how document management can help your business.

With so many benefits, it is easy to understand why so many companies are making the transition to digital document storage, and once the system is in place, your staff will save valuable time as they can easily bring up a specific document to their workstation or mobile phone.

Brown Mark

Brown Mark