Alternatives to GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, and TeamViewer
July 20, 2018
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Alternatives to GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, and TeamViewer

Team Viewer was considered to be a good app for video conferencing, but it has got some disadvantage highlighted by the users. You need to update it regularly, and this fails you to connect it with the previous version.¬†¬† It doesn’t work well if the internet connection is not right and this is costly to upgrade with cell phones. Google hangouts are the app developed by Google to provide the people access to the various features like video calling and text, but it lacks some features. GoToMeeting was considered to be the best software for the people to enjoy high-quality video calling along with the functionality of video conferencing but due to slow speed and no upgrades, there is a less trend of people using GoToMeeting.

 Following mentioned are some of the TeamViewer Alternatives, Google Hangout Alternatives and GoToMeeting Alternatives:

Team Viewer Alternatives

Real VNC

This software is available for the users in a free and also in the paid version. It has been built on an open source technology which lets it make reliable connections for the users. You get connected to this app on remote desktops.

Ez Meeting

EzMeeting software provides the free trial for people to do video conferencing with more than 100 persons. You are even free to send public and private messages using ezMeeting.

Google Hangouts Alternatives

ezTalk Meetings

The video conferencing services offered by this app are of high quality and superior. There also so many features which make it the best Google Hangouts alternatives. It provides the free access of video conferencing for maximum 100 persons, and the premium version works for more than 500 persons.


FaceTime is an excellent Google Hangouts alternative and is a default app in iPhones and iPads. The users can have free access to the app, and it also allows the users to enjoy video calls as well as voice calls.

GoToMeeting Alternatives


AnyMeeting is reliable and useful software for video conferencing. It is not free to use but yet it is not too costly. It allows users to have access to a wide range of features which is worth the cost. This app provides 14 days free trial which lets the people use this software for free for some days. It has got the teleconferencing software which makes the people have video conferencing of about 30 persons at a time. has got the most straightforward interface among all the video conferencing platforms. This is the best GoToMeeting alternative to have teleconferencing sessions, and it provides the best streaming and reliable connections. This app is the free access to the people all over the globe. You don’t need to pay costs to use

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