Play it Safe by Performing Employee Background Checks
September 14, 2017
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Play it Safe by Performing Employee Background Checks

Whilst most companies consider an applicant’s aptitude, professional experience, and skills when making a hiring decision, these attributes may be diminished if an employee has a questionable background or criminal history. Therefore, in order to protect your company, it is important to conduct a background check.

Reviewing the History of Your Job Candidates

Although roles that are associated with financially regulated assignments legally require a criminal check, it is also important to conduct a background check for other types of jobs. By having a criminal check performed, you can make a more insightful decision about the stability and history of a job candidate. Whilst a crime may not instantly disqualify a job candidate, a screening can help you decide if the applicant may impose a risk to your business.

In order to conduct an employee criminal background check in Singapore, use a company that is well-equipped to handle such an activity. In other words, you should employ a company that has access to worldwide criminal searches, a firm that can conduct a full-scale criminal check.

Therefore, if you want comprehensive results, you need to make sure the screening company has this type of access. By using background screening, you can also find out if a person has lied on his or her application. In addition, an employee background check can help in the following ways:

  • It confirms the details the applicant has provided.
  • It allows an employer to review public records about the job candidate.
  • It ensures that an employee’s presence will not put other employees or customers at risk.

In other words, when you have a background screening conducted, it ensures that your workplace is more secure and safe. In order to prepare for this type of screening, it is important that job applicants are honest about their skills, current contact information, and job history. It also helps for an applicant to research his or her own job history. That way, there will be no disputes when a background check is initiated.

Do You Need to Screen Executive Candidates?

When you have a background screening conducted, you usually need to wait a couple of weeks until you receive the results. A company that performs this type of service can also assist you with screening services for executives or an extended workforce.

Since multinational corporations are expanding on the Asian continent, employment screening is being used more and more in Singapore. Therefore, you need to work with a background screening company that understands about the availability of data and legalities in this part of the world.

Screening Information

When a company uses the right resources, a background check can be thorough. Some of the information that can be gathered includes the following:

  • Criminal record checking
  • Employment history verification
  • Academic confirmation
  • Directorships
  • Due diligence checks
  • Compliance and database risk screening
  • Identify documents and passport checks
  • Credit history checking

When you can access this type of information, you will not only make better hiring decisions, but also make your work environment the type of place that draws the best talent and follows best practice policies.

Brown Mark

Brown Mark