Site Accommodation Solutions for the Construction Industry
August 24, 2017
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Site Accommodation Solutions for the Construction Industry

Every building project, no matter its size, requires certain structures to be in place prior to any work commencing. The Site manager and his team will need offices, along with adequate toilet facilities, and let’s not forget secure storage for tools, materials and equipment. These essential components are typically supplied by a single company that specialises in servicing the building industry, and whatever is needed would be on site and ready for use on the agreed date.

Forging Alliances

A builder would need to have a reliable site accommodation provider, to facilitate the smooth operation of every project, and they would have the resources to handle the effluent transfer, according the client’s schedule. The latest generation of portable site toilets take up minimum space and being inter-connectable, you can order as many as you wish. A builder might be looking for loo hire in Yorkshire, or anywhere in the UK for that matter, and with online suppliers who are both reliable and affordable, you can hire everything you need to get the project underway.

Portable Cabin Hire

Modern accommodation solutions are suitable for the following:

  • Site Offices
  • Canteens
  • Shower Units
  • Hospitality

There is a range of generators to provide the essential power, and most sites would require a secure unit to store tools, equipment and materials. This room would be reinforced with steel plating and heating can be provided to order.

Hospitality Units

On a large project, the client might frequently visit the site to see how things are progressing, and with affordable hospitality suites, you can ensure complete comfort, whatever the weather. Of course, the fixtures and fittings would be in keeping with a VIP environment, and with flexible leasing, you only pay for what you use.

Portable Toilets

The modern site toilet is a far cry from the traditional trailer type unit that was both heavy and bulky, yet today’s units are small, and being inter-connectable, you can hire as many as you wish. Not only that, the hire company will service the toilets according to your schedule, which is a major headache taken care of. If you would like to know the details, an online search would surely put you in touch with a local supplier, and if you deal with an established company, they will have the resources to ensure availability.

Flexible and Reliable

The hire company would have many regular clients, and if they serviced a large area, they would have the resources to provide the required accommodation. Should a customer request additional units for any reason, this would not be a problem, and with affordable rates and excellent service, the builder can focus on what he does best.

For any construction project, setting up the necessary accommodation requires a dependable provider who has the resources to ensure prompt service, and with their help, the project can commence. If your business has yet to make such a connection, an online search would be the best place to start, and hopefully, your site accommodation problems will become a thing of the past.


Brown Mark

Brown Mark