The Benefits of Commercial Laundry Services
December 27, 2017
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The Benefits of Commercial Laundry Services

Running a business is difficult enough, even if you’re just concentrating on your core services. When you throw into the mix the support services required to allow your business to offer its services to your customers, things can often become unmanageable, or at the very least, costly.

If this sounds like you, and your business if focused on the hospitality trade, help is at hand. Hotels, pubs and restaurants are making use of professional laundry services that allow them to concentrate on what’s important. If you feel as if you could benefit from an outsourced laundry service, keep reading and we’ll tell you all you need to know.

What Does Commercial Laundering Involve?

There are usually two options available to you when you order the services of a professional laundering company;

  • If you have purchased your own linen, you can have it picked up, laundered and delivered back to you at a cost. The timetable will be transparent and you will be able to schedule exactly when it is picked up and when you’re ready to take delivery.
  • If you would rather hire linen, it will be delivered to you for use at your business premises. Once dirty, it will be picked up and laundered, before being returned to you at a later date. You can either order as much linen as you need or a much larger stock to reduce the need for quick turnaround times.

Efficiency and Practicality

Laundering linen in house is a considerable undertaking and one that will require a dedicated team of staff to oversee. On top of that, the space requirements for an onsite laundering facility are considerable, with more space required the larger your operation.

Making use of a professional laundering company will allow you to;

  • Allocate your staff resources far more efficiently. The requirement for dedicated staff will be removed, providing you with more labour to serve customers and facilitate the other tasks you need completing.
  • Make far better use of the space available to you. Space is at a premium so using a considerable amount of it solely for the purpose of laundering linen is wasteful. Instead, put that space to better use by expanding your service offering. This will help you to grow your business and diversify your income stream.

Reduce Barriers to Entry

The upfront capital costs required to start most businesses is what puts many people off. If you’re unable to access the right amount of finance, chances are, your business will never get off the ground.

Commercial washing machines represent a considerable capital outlay before you’ve even begun operating. Removing the need to launder on site will allow you to relocate these funds and put them to better use elsewhere.

  • Your average commercial washer dry costs far more than the type you would find in your home. Multiply this figure by the number you would require to successfully launder your own linen and the cost will run into the tens of thousands.

Take on Fixed Operating Costs

The enemy off all businesses is uncertainty. Laundering on site leaves you vulnerable to the changes in demand that most businesses experience as they progress through any calendar year. Summer may see you busy where winter may see demand drop – having to account for these changes by hiring and firing staff on a seasonal basis is time consuming and can be stressful.

Outsourcing your laundry to a third party will allow you to take on a fixed monthly cost which is agreed upon and guaranteed before signing a contract. Knowing exactly how much your laundry is going to cost you per month or quarter will allow you to budget far more effectively.

  • Commercial laundry providers are usually flexible in their service offering. You will be able to increase or decrease the size of your order via a simple email or by just picking up the phone and speaking to your account manager.
  • Rather than having large quantities of linen sitting unused on your premises during slow periods, outsourcing your laundry needs will allow you to adjust to seasonality far more effectively.

Reduce Your Turnaround Time

The time required to completely launder a set of bed linen should not be underestimated. Depending on the level of soiling present, white linens will require a hot wash which may take up to three hours to complete. Once clean, these linens will then need to be dried completely before they can be ironed. Even with the use of a commercial laundry press, the ironing process is going to take you far longer than it would to iron a few shirts at home.

The point is that laundering large quantities of linen is a very time consuming process. Accidents happen frequently within the hospitality trade which means that you need to be ready to swap out dirty linen at a moment’s notice. Multiply this across a restaurant with a 100 head seating capacity or a hotel with 500 rooms and you will quickly see an issue emerge.

  • With offsite laundered linen, simply pick out a new tablecloth or bedsheet and leave the dirty one for when your next batch is picked up.
  • This will save you from frantically trying to clean dirty linen in a short amount of time, a task which is just impossible to do properly.

Consider Hygiene

Commercial businesses need to have a far greater grasp on hygiene requirements than a typical household does. This is especially true when it comes to areas where a spillage or stain could carry bacteria or other toxins.

It is for this reason that commercial linen needs to be washed far more thoroughly and to a higher standard, something a professional linen provider will know.

Hire a Laundry Service

Now you know how your business can benefit, it’s time to place an order. Laundry services for businesses can be procured from one of several suppliers that operates across the UK. Simply pick up the phone and get in touch with the nearest company that operates in your location. A simple web search will be able to assist in the process if you’re located more rurally.

Commercial laundry services are worth their weight in gold so look into how one could benefit your business.

Brown Mark

Brown Mark