The Way to Change Your Office Culture
July 20, 2016
Leslie D. Varner (34 articles)

The Way to Change Your Office Culture

There is a lot of conversation lately about the culture of various workplaces. Workplace culture refers to the shared beliefs, goals, tactics, and values in a workplace. That doesn’t mean that everyone agrees on everything; you’ll have conservatives and liberals in your offices. Some people might be Rabbitohs fans and others might be Cowboys fans. All of that is natural, but when it comes to work, people should have more in common than they have differences. They should all be working towards the same things to help you push your business forward. For example, you might be running a business that you think would benefit from collaboration among your employees.

If collaboration is your goal, then it makes sense to try to foster a community amongst your employees that celebrates collaboration. You can do this with team-building exercises, tasks that can only be solved with collaboration, and downtime that encourages your employees to get to know each other. Research has shown that people who know and like their coworkers tend to be more productive. They also tend to stay at their jobs for longer; people who have been working a job longer know how to do it better and more efficiently. One surefire way to foster a healthy workplace culture is your furniture.

Furniture Is Culture

One Stop Office Interiors offers a wide range of furniture for your business. It has a huge selection of everything from chairs to desks to storage solutions. Furniture is often neglected as an important factor in the productivity and happiness of your employees, but it is incredibly important.

To continue the example of collaboration, you might encourage your employees to get to know their coworkers by changing your breakout room. If your employees have a break room that has comfortable chairs and attractive tables, they’ll be more likely to eat food there. They’ll inevitably sit with their coworkers, get to know them, and develop good working relationships. In a work sense, you could encourage your employees to collaborate by designing the workspace to be open to communication.

Hire the Professionals

You might want to save some money by doing your fit out yourself, but trying to refurbish your office yourself won’t actually save you much money. You will have to pay someone who works for you to move furniture and redesign parts of your office. That will take them away from the work they are supposed to be doing, which will end up costing you more money in labour. Professionals will also be able to take care of the refurbishing much faster than you or your employees. As the old adage says, time is money.

If you want to create a certain kind of culture in your office, you will need to change the furniture to be conducive to that culture. You should hire professionals to help you perform that refurbishment as well. They will be able to do the job for you much faster and more efficiently than you could ever do.

Leslie D. Varner

Leslie D. Varner