Tips on Finding a Job as an IT Project Manager
January 7, 2017
Leslie D. Varner (27 articles)

Tips on Finding a Job as an IT Project Manager

Information technology is a pervasive term. In this day and age, almost every aspect of your life includes some form of information technology. When it was first invented, in a small lab at CERN, few could have really imagined how big the Internet would become. Today, almost every part of your life is connected to the net in one way or another. Apart from personal advantages, the growth of the IT sector has also made business very easy. Companies that had to rely on complicated channels of communication can now remain in touch with different branches. Operations have been streamlined, and costs have been reduced dramatically.

An IT project manager is an individual who helps in completing different IT related projects in corporations. The job of an IT project manager is quite complicated, and requires a lot of improvisation. For instance, if the company has to set up a data centre, the IT project manager will have to set up the timelines, and schedule the work properly, to ensure that milestones are met without a dip in the team’s morale. The main key for success for any IT project manager is to be able to utilise the company’s resources in the best possible way. If a project manager is able to complete projects in an efficient manner, without going over-budget, they are going to climb up the corporate ladder very quickly. However, owing to the current situation in the job markets, it can be a bit difficult for people to find decent IT project manager jobs. Here are a few tips that will significantly increase your chances of landing a decent job.

Work on Your CV

Working on your resume is very important. If you want to land a job at a big firm, you need to create a resume that’s going to stand out. Think about this from the company’s perspective. Will a human resource manager, who has to sift through hundreds of applications, want to read through your CV? If you are following the same, boring format, it’s unlikely that your CV will receive positive reception. Make sure your CV is completed on a single page, no need to fill out several pages. After all, if Elon Musk can fit his whole list of achievements on one page, so can you!

Sign Up with a Recruitment Firm

Signing up with a recruitment firm is a good idea for people who have been unemployed for a while. Recruitment firms have associations with different companies. As soon as a job opens up, they will submit your CV and arrange for an interview. For helping you find a job, the recruitment firm will charge a small commission. It’s a small price to pay, considering you will be able to get employment and a steady income stream. It’s going to require a bit of effort on your part, so you should start making a few calls to your extended network as well, if you are serious about finding a new job.

Leslie D. Varner

Leslie D. Varner


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