Top Reasons For Appraising a Business
November 10, 2017
Leslie D. Varner (34 articles)

Top Reasons For Appraising a Business

A business appraisal gives you a solid idea of just how much your business is worth, both financially and in other important ways. They are an important part of anything you want to do in business. For example, if you want to franchise your business, you’ll need business appraisal services to help you put together a report that is both accurate but positive toward your business. If you want to open your business to public trading, you’ll need to give your potential investors a number that will reflect just how much your business is worth each year.

It’s important to know exactly what these appraisals are used for and how to get the most out of them for your purpose. There are a big reason that businesses need appraisals and unfortunately it’s too extensive to cover here. But here are a few of the main reasons a business might need to use an appraisal at some point in time.

Financial reasons

Taxes anyone? Business appraisals can be used for tax purposes for a long list of reasons. Businesses who want to sell all or part of the business will need a valuation so that they can show these numbers for others. It’s not just “How much is your business worth?” It’s a lot more than just that.


If people put money toward your business in the hopes that they will own a share of it or see a return, then they will want solid numbers and appraisals before they go forward with that decision. No one wants to throw their money to a company and not know the value of that company in-depth.


Businesses sometimes merge together and form an entirely new legal entity. Before businesses do this, they want appraisals so that their accountants and marketers and administrators can decide whether or not this is a worthwhile venture for the company at hand.

That’s just the short list of some of the top reasons people need appraisals for the companies that they own. Any business that you do some kind of transaction with will probably want to know what your business is appraised at and what standing it has financially and as a whole. It’s good to have a business appraised more than once over its very long lifespan so that you can show a history of growth.

Leslie D. Varner

Leslie D. Varner