What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home
January 25, 2018
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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Working from Home

Currently, due to the crisis and the rise of companies engaged in online or teleworking services, many organizations are looking to expand their teams with employees who are dedicated to work from home.

Advantage: combine your family and professional life

Working from home is a great option for many people who want to spend more time with their family, especially with their children, but who cannot afford to be unemployed. A job of this type usually involves flexible hours that allow parents to take their children to school, take care of them at home and be at their disposal if they need something.

Advantage: saving time and money

Especially in cities where traffic is a major problem, working from home becomes a great advantage because it allows us to save time in moving from one place to another. Likewise we reduce the expenses of gasoline and public transport, a change that can be reflected in our budget.

Advantage: get away without leaving home

Many companies offer their employees the possibility of interacting with other cultures and even working in other languages ​​without the need to move or even leave your home. This allows a personal and professional growth without all the implications of moving from city or country by labor issues.

Advantage: time flexibility and choice of place

Working from home usually implies greater time flexibility and is that in the absence of a boss who constantly supervises you can distribute your tasks throughout the day as you see fit, this allows you to lead a less limited life. At the same time you can choose the place to work, it can be your home but also a library, the mountain, or any place outside the city, finally nobody is interested where you are physically

Disadvantage: lack of contact

Many people feel comfortable working surrounded by people because socially related is one of the main characteristics of humans and certainly the office is one of the best places to do it. In the absence of this factor, someone to talk to, a person to consult or with whom to drink coffee, many employees feel little motivated, apathetic and in some cases depressed due to the lack of contact that this implies. Decision

Disadvantage: distractions at hand

The productivity when working from home is very relative, because to really perform you must make an effort to concentrate , the problem is that at home, distractions are always the order of the day: putting clothes in the washing machine, caring for your child who is crying, cooking lunch, solving the problem with filtration, etc. If schedules are not set and schedules are created, the result may be less than expected

Disadvantage: mixing the personal and the labor

When your work space and staff are the same sometimes it can be difficult to separate one thing from the other and for example enjoy a peaceful Sunday at home without thinking about work, or on the contrary leave aside your domestic worries while you attend your professional tasks It must find a point where we are able to differentiate one thing from another

Disadvantage: increase in expenses in services

When spending all day at home it is logical that we save time and money in transfers, but in turn spend more on services and we are all day using the light that we pay, the water we pay, the heating that we pay . To avoid this there are other options such as working in a café or in a nearby library, sacrificing a bit of time freedom so that our budget does not increase significantly

Question of perspectives

You have to understand that it is not a fight or competition, there are people who prefer to work from home and have achieved a scheme to organize and be effective, there are others who enjoy going to the office, changing their environment, sharing with their colleagues (with the positive and negative that this may have). It is a personal choice that like any other account with positive and negative aspects and that you should evaluate to know if it will really benefit you

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