What Is Singapore PEP And Its Eligibility Criterion
October 24, 2016
Leslie D. Varner (34 articles)

What Is Singapore PEP And Its Eligibility Criterion

PEP is referred as Personalized Employment Pass, which is a special employment pass given to high earning and qualified employees wishing to work in Singapore. To apply for this pass, you need to know about its eligibility criteria, procedure of application, documents needed charges, and the mode of submission.

Who are not eligible for PEP?

This employment pass cannot be availed by any business owner. This pass is not associated with any specific employer. People who hold this pass are not permitted to begin their business venture in Singapore. PEP pass holders are not allowed to get employment within the company that they own or engage in any entrepreneurial activities. A PEP holder can be an earning director of a company of which they are not the owner.

Eligibility criteria of PEP

There is a certain eligibility criterion for people to own this pass. For current EP holders, who are earning a minimum of SGD $12,000 on a monthly basis can apply for PEP. Also, these people should have been drawing a fixed salary of minimum SGD $144,000 yearly during the last year. For overseas professionals, whose last earned monthly salary was minimum S$18,000 can apply for PEP.

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Advantage of PEP

There are several benefits of owning this privilege employment pass. The major advantage of this pass is that a person holding it can easily switch between jobs without any need to re-apply for a visa. This is applicable as long as the pass holder is employed for more than six months.

During this period, the pass holder can enjoy his stay in Singapore without any need to apply for another type of stay related visas. Another benefit of PEP is that people who have this pass can come with their spouse and children of age less than 21 years. PEP pass holders with long period visit passes are also permitted to come with their parents.

What documents are required to get this pass?

To get this pass, one does not need to perform any complicated documentation. At the time of filling up the form, you need to provide the application form:

  • A valid passport
  • Name of employer
  • Job, post and salary description
  • Contact details
  • Information pertaining to the pass holder of the dependent
  • Information about long period visits pass holders

Extra documents needed to be furnished by non-existing P1 PEP holder:

  • New and previous employment contract
  • Recent salary slips and bank account statement of three months
  • Recent tax statement
  • Educational certificates
  • Resume and complete employment history

If any of these documents are not in English, then one has to provide an English translation of these documents by a certified translator, embassy, high commission or a notary public.

Understanding the complete application process for a PEP pass makes things easier, quicker and less complicated.

Leslie D. Varner

Leslie D. Varner