What to do if you suffer a Injury at Work in Toledo
February 9, 2019
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What to do if you suffer a Injury at Work in Toledo

Employers in Toledo are under the legal obligation to provide a reasonably safe and healthy work environment for their employees; but even so, sometimes, they don’t fulfill this duty.

If you happen to sustain an injury at your workplace due to your employer’s negligence, there are a few things that you can do to protect your legal rights. In this case, an injury may include everything from occupational illness, aggravations of pre-existing conditions, fractured bones and even emotional injuries.

Here is what to do if you suffer a personal injury at work:

Report the accident

The first and perhaps the most crucial thing that you should do following an accident is to report it. Failing to report your injury can result in your employer denying you medical benefits and treatment for missed time from work. They may even claim that injuries did not happen at work. The workers’ compensation insurance will also question why they didn’t get any timely reports from your employer. And sadly, your private health insurance won’t cover you for work-related injuries.

See a doctor

Your health comes first, so of course, you want to see a doctor for your injury to be addressed. You can go to a doctor of your choosing, or work with one that your employer chooses. It all depends on what you are comfortable with.

Consult with a workers’ compensation lawyer

Consulting with a personal injury attorney in Toledo should be your next step. Keep in mind that following the accident, you have a limited time to file a personal injury claim. Going alone may mean fighting against your employer, employer’s insurance company, or workers’ compensation court solo. A lawyer will advocate for your rights; they will ensure that you get a full settlement for your current and future medical bills, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation and emotional pain and suffering. A workers’ compensation lawyer will also inform you of your rights and the next course of legal action that you can take if another party is responsible for your injury.

Your legal rights in Toledo include:

  • The right to file a claim for your illness or injury in state industrial court or workers’ comp court
  • The right to see a doctor and pursue medical care
  • The right to go back to work, with your physician’s permission
  • The right to some form of disability compensation if you happen to sustain temporary or permanent illness or injury due to the accident
  • The right to appeal and seek legal representation if you do not agree with your employer’s, their insurance company’s or workers’ compensations decision,

Collect benefits

Workers’ compensation takes care of medical treatment cost along with payments for missed wages and permanent disabilities. The lost wages are issued if you are unable to work for more than a week, which has to be approved by your doctor. In such a case, you’ll get two-thirds of your regular monthly income. Once you are fit to go back to work, the workers’ comp insurance company will send you a Notice of Claim Status letter.

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