Working for proofreading services?
December 16, 2017
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Working for proofreading services?

If you are having an ambition to pursue your career in publishing house, then you must definitely gain expertise in proofreading. The tasks of proofreading involves going through the content provided, checking if there is any error with regards to spelling, grammar, syntax and construction of sentences.  No matter what is being published, people always proofread it before presenting it to other. In the very beginning, you would not find a good pay and position. So it is better to begin as a freelancer first. By working as a freelancer, you would be able to sit at your home and work whenever you are free. Also, this works very effective for the students who can carry on this work besides their study. There are many proofreading services who hire you and you too get a platform to begin your career.

In order to be a good proofreader, you must need to follow some tasks that would definitely enhance your skills. Here are some skills listed below:

  1. Do not always depend on your computer’s spell check: The spell check system of you computer does not always catch every mistake. It acts effectively for finding out the common errors but a minute check would help you to identify more typing errors.
  2. Read aloud your work: This idea might sound silly but you would be able to identify the errors only when it reaches your ears. Even if there is no error, you can hear and change some words of sentences if you feel that they are not put appropriately. You can also take a print out of your work and read it. After that mark the portions you think that needs to be changed with a pen.
  3. Do not use very long sentences: The main purpose of proofreading is to make it catchy and attractive to your readers. Too long sentences will eventually make them feel bored and they would not have the patience to read it till last. So the best way is to use small and catchy sentences to impress them.
  4. Use the dictionary: Dictionary has the alternative to almost every word in the world. It comes of much help in English proofreading. If you are not sure about a spelling, then it is better to look up the dictionary once that to write a wrong spelling and again change it. If you find two dictionaries giving you two different outputs, the you just consult the one which has the latest version.
  5. Let Proofreading be the last part of your work: It is always advisable not to proofread your thing while working. Do it only after you are done with editing. Otherwise there is no meaning of doing this. Also keep it in mind the version of spelling in which the work is done. It will help you to keep up the consistency.

All the above mentioned ways can definitely help you to enhance your skills in proofreading and make you a better proofreader

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