Your company comes first
December 9, 2017
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Your company comes first

Taking care of your business is important which is why it is essential that you make sure your employees can be trusted and come from a good background especially if the work is very important. In times like these, employers will do their own background check and see to it that they are worthy of the job and that they are able to do all the tasks that is being given to them. But no matter how hard you try to make sure that they are worthy of the job you gave them, one of them will manage to destroy your trust by committing some sort of crime that could potentially destroy the company.

If you have some issue with your employees right now, then you need to take action right away in order to stop them from committing any mistakes again. This calls for investigations to know where everything started and find out first who is at fault. Once you have a strong feeling that one of your trusted employees have done it, then you could ask for a lie detector test to be done to know why they did it. but you need to keep in mind that there are some things you need to understand first before you subject them to one.

Do proper investigation 

You wouldn’t to just pick a random employee and tell them that they need to undergo a lie detector test, right? and you also don’t want to subject all of your employees to take a lie detector test. What you can do is look for evidences that will ultimately lead you to one employee who is suspected to be a mastermind of everything. You can take it from there. Don’t make harsh decisions just because you’re mad. Calm yourself and clear your mind in order for you to do the next big steps that will help resolve the issue.

Remember the Employee Polygraph Protection Act 

The EPPA is a federal law which states a private employer is not allowed or require to do a pre-employment screening for their new hires. There are exceptions though like those who are working in the security field like the FBI, CIA, NSA, and so on. Pharmaceutical companies and banks would also ask their new hires to undergo a lie detector test. Polygraph tests are the only type of lie detector test that an employee could use. But private employers could ask for a lie detector test to be done if they have a valid reason.

On what grounds can a private employer subject their employees to a lie detector test? 

If your employee has done some dangerous crimes like embezzlement, huge fights in the workplace, sabotaging the company itself, and any form that could destroy the reputation of the company, then the employer could ask them to undergo a polygraph test. They could refuse but this would hurt their jobs and would most likely raise red flags. Some employees would even accept this even if they are innocent because they don’t want to get fired.

Lie detector tests come in handy when there are serious complications that are happening in the workplace. Every employer knows that their number one goal is to protect the company, and also to make sure about the welfare of their employees. But if the employees are the ones who have committed a misdemeanor, then they are in big trouble. Find out more here:

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Brown Mark